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RF Amplifier-BG was established in 2007 as a privately-owned small business for design and manufacture of high-power RF Amplifiers from 0.1GHz ( change from 0.7GHz) to 18GHz at 10 Watt up to 2000 Watt output power. We began with designs and production of Modules and Sub-Modules for Linear Amplifiers.

Currently our company is a medium sized Private Limited Liability Company which employs more than 15 people.

For the past ten years we have become one of the largest manufacturers of RF Power Amplifiers in Bulgaria – with a focus on RF Modules, Power Amplifier Systems and Sub-Systems.

Last year, we launched into mass production Power Amplifiers in the 2-6 GHz with 35 Watts GaN MMIC (2-6 GHz GaN MMIC 35 Watt.)



The company has clients all over the world. Here is a map which illustrates with which countries the company has worked with.

RF Amplifier-BG World Map


ISO 9001:2015
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Top 100 Companies leading the economy in Bulgaria during 2014.

Design and test process at our company